Why attend?

GeeCON 2024 will be the most unique and intensive Java event in the region, there is a number of reasons you just need to be there!

  • world's top speakers
  • 3-days Conference
  • great topics: Java, AI, Cloud, NoSQL, JVM languages, Agile
  • absolutely unique atmosphere reinforced by huge screens and perfect audio conditions
  • developers from all around the world
  • many other wonderful surprises we are working on
  • Conference Tickets

    Before 23rd of February Until 13th 14th of May 15:00
    1199 PLN + VAT
    (275 EUR + VAT)
    1299 PLN + VAT 1199 PLN + VAT
    (299 EUR + VAT) (275 EUR + VAT)

    Registration fees in EUR may change at any time (due to exchange rate changes). 23% VAT will be added.

    If you prefer to attend 1 or 2 days only please ask for a registration code (1 day for 491.59 PLN + VAT, 2 days for 899.25 PLN + VAT) via [email protected].

    No rush with bank transfers, even during or after the conference is fine for us, however if you prefer to pay by credit card please ask for a link after registering.

    Price includes:

    • awesome GeeCON piece of garment
    • super-cool gadgets
    • breakfasts and lunches every day
    • coffee, fresh drinks and snacks (during breaks)
    • marketing materials
    • afterparty
    • access to presentations and all videos recordings

    Video recordings

    For non-participants, video recordings will be available to buy in May.

    If you have any questions or can not convince your company please contact us: [email protected]


    If you think your company could be interested to support the event and the community and thus get the logo among basic sponsors on our website please consider a special package at 950 EUR and contact us via email.