Call for Papers

We want your talk at GeeCON 2024!

Call for papers ends 31 January 2024.

We are especially interested in lectures about:
  • core JVM platform and its ecosystem
  • software engineering
  • agile methodologies
  • cloud computing
  • bigdata/noSQL
  • new or emerging languages
  • software quality assurance
  • mobile and embedded computing
  • new programming paradigms
  • We are keen to host presentations based on a real life experience, showing practical ways of solving common problems.

    In order to properly judge your submission we need to have a sufficient amount of information.

  • Please ensure that your abstract covers all the important elements of your talk, include links to relevant projects, source code, slides.
  • Document your experience as a conference speaker, include links to conference websites and videos from your previous speeches.
  • Rules of call for papers:

  • Abstracts should be at least 120 words long and indicate target audience (beginner/daily user/expert)
  • Submission must include a short technical and presentation resume of the speaker
  • All talks will be given in English and last 15 or 60 minutes (please remember about some time for discusions)
  • We do not accept single commercial solutions talks via Call for Papers. You are welcome to contact us for a sponsorship offer if you would like to present such a talk.
  • The number of submissions is not limited - spoil us!
  • Speakers will have full, unlimited access to all conference days, events and materials
  • We can offer a certain level of travel costs reimbursement, all handled on individual basis. Let us know if you need it.
  • Submit your talk!

    We will inform you about the accepted/rejected talks no later than two weeks after Call for Papers closing date. Contact us at [email protected] if you have any questions or doubts regarding your submission.

    See you in Kraków!